Changes and New Techniques in the Processing and Manufacturing Industry

A Side Of Plastic Recycling You (Probably) Haven’t Met

What comes to mind when you look at the mountain of plastic bottles that you've built over time? The first thing that probably comes to mind is that you need to go easy on the soft drinks. As you continue to ponder over this, you try to evaluate how much your 'plastic mountain' would fetch at a recycling plant. Hold that thought for a minute and explore a side of plastic recycling that you probably didn't know about. Read More 

What Is Water Jet Cutting and Why Should You Consider It?

When it comes to cutting just about any type of material,waterjets are very effective. You simply take ordinary tap water and subject it to extreme pressure before forcing through a really small hole. In many cases, an abrasive is added to this pressurised water and the net effect is that this will rapidly erode just about any material known. How Does This Work? Waterjet technology is in widespread use today because it is very easy to use, flexible, quite precise and very efficient. Read More 

What You Should Know About Laser Cutting

In metal fabrication, you will need to cut the sheet metal in a variety of ways. One of the popular ways to cut metal in manufacturing processes is to use a laser cutting method. There are a wide range of benefits to laser cutting but also some definite drawbacks. By considering both, you can decide what method is best for your business. Laser Cutting is a Faster Process One of the benefits to choosing laser cutting is that it tends to be a faster process once you train employees on using this method properly. Read More 

Community Stadium: Choosing the Ideal Material for Football Goalposts

Football is probably the most well-liked outdoor sport in the country. Its popularity can be attributed to the cultivated football culture and the apparent ease in playing. In addition, this sport does not exclude any interested player due to factors like age and gender. Therefore, if you are involved in planning an upgrade for a community stadium, you should ensure that a football field is incorporated. There are different factors that you must evaluate during the design process for this improvement. Read More 

Advantages of Powder Coating for Your Finishing Needs

Although paint has been a popular option as a finishing agent, powder coating is steadily surpassing its popularity in a myriad of applications. Powder coating refers to an advanced protective as well as decorative finishing agent. Its powder consists of fine particles of both resin as well as pigment. This mixture is directly sprayed onto the electrically charged surface that requires protective or decorative coating. The electricity works toward heating and fusing these particles together, and this forms a smooth coating. Read More 

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Changes and New Techniques in the Processing and Manufacturing Industry

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